The Eye of the Storm Strategies in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, there are many various different quests which divided into basic quests, daily quests and group quests. A group quest is require some number players make up a group to achieve this quest, and every member allow gain quest items and the same World of Warcraft gold. The Eye of the Storm is a 15-man battleground available from level 61 to 70 and is located in the Outlands’s Netherstorm. Yes, it is a group quest. Unlike the other battlegrounds though, you may not enter this battleground through a normal entrance, instead, you will need to queue at one of the many battle masters in the cities.

Eye of the Storm plays like a combination of World PvP, Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch (PvP is the common method of completing WoW power leveling). How is this possible? Let’s analyze all the mechanics Eye of the Storm has and why it is so unique when compared to the other battlegrounds. To win, your faction must collect 2000 Victory Points which can be earned through various methods.
Strategies of The Eye of the Storm

There’s many strategies your team can try to win in Eye of the Storm, we’ll go from fastest to slowest. Players allow gain much rewards including a large of cheap WoW gold after you finish this quest.

Fastest – 4-Cap the battleground. This ends the battleground in less than 10 minutes, and will only work if the other team isn’t playing well or has a lower number of players. Flags are a non-issue, just concentrate on having 4 towers and you will win shortly after. A preferred tactic by “Premade” Teams!

Fast – 3-Cap towers, flag running as possible. While you may want to hold 3 towers and forget the flag, it’s an added bonus to keep running it or at least keep the enemy from scoring extra points. Remember flag caps also bump up your honor rating!

Contested – 2-cap, each side keeps two towers, relies on flags to win. Simple, if you’re fighting an even team, do your best and focus on the flag to turn the tide and eventually either take 3 towers or hold and win. 

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