World of Warcraft Combat Duels

In World of Warcraft, if you want to fight each other consensually in the PvE environment, dueling is your best choice. You will gain much fun from dueling others, it’s a contest of skills, a test of abilities and tactics in PvP combat.
How to get started?

Select an opponent. Click on the player’s portrait and select the “Duel” option. A battle flag will drop from the sky, the person you challenged must accept the duel, and otherwise you cannot able to attack him. There is a countdown before a duel start. As the character’s name turn red, the player is now hostile. A sound will also play when a duel get started.

Another way to get started a duel is to type “/duel” while having the target you wish to duel both targeted and in range. This may be more convenient if you wish to create a macro for this function. The first player to reduce their opponent’s health to 1 hit point (players do not fight to the death in duels) is the winner.

If you win, the system announces the result to the zone, therefore you get glory. You will not earn XP or anything to loot, what you really get is the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to defeat another player and possibly gain some experience at fighting other players that you will be able to use in the various forms of PvP combat. But sometimes, players wager bets on duels, so maybe you can earn some World of Warcraft gold.
Additional Information:

You can’t duel in certain areas, such as within the confines of a city.
Dueling players can cast helpful spells on their allies (but not vice versa).
Skills will not increase from use while dueling or engaged in PvP.
Players can not swap their gear while dueling.
You are considered in combat for the entire duration of a duel.

Dueling in neutral towns or cities may anger the local guard NPCs (who will attack the duelers) and lower the reputation of the duelers there.
You cannot duel somebody who has you on their ignore list.

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