Some like them hot, and the latest round of hotfixes has just hit the Warcraft official blog page, this time around there’s a few changes to bosses that may well relate to the inordinate amount of time it took guilds to take down Dark Animus in the Throne of Thunder World First race, as well as some changes made to PvP weapons to even out the 2/2 upgraded elite conquest gear and this season’s gear.
Here are the hotfix highlights:
Season 13 Tyrannical weapons had their item levels increased to ilevel 498, up from ilevel 493, to match Season 12 Elite weapons.
Season 13 Malevolent Honor gear now gives more Stamina, making them comparable to Season 12 counterparts.
Eye of the Storm: Horde teams are now being awarded the proper amount of victory points when holding 3 towers.
Dark Animus
Dark Animus will now use its abilities at more consistent intervals.
Interrupting Jolt now deals less damage on 10/25-player Heroic mode.
Explosive Slam now deals significantly less damage on 10-player Heroic mode.
Fixed an issue where Matter Swap could sometimes teleport players beneath the world.
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