The currency conversion in WOW V5.2 is All Conquest Points to honor

In the 5.2 patch, you will see a new raid equipment and new PvP season, so we will during maintenance of a high level of monetary down conversion. However, this time we will not re-set a soft cap, old courage equipment no longer convert Justice Points to buy WOW Gold; we are also preparing to launch a new set of PvP gear.

All Valor Points converted to Justice Points Justice Points section of more than 4,000 points, in each point equivalent to the ratio of 47 silver converted into money. 5.2 patch, courage equipment will not be purchased with Justice Points, but the equipment will be cheaper than before. Earn Valor Points in the launch of the patch, you need to buy these discounted equipment or the new 5.2-courage equipment; but you can also use Valor Points to buy some of the newly launched items, including heirlooms and pets battle stone.

Talisman will not be converted, in the 5.2 patch, the secondary good luck talisman will not be able to purchase the elderly luck talisman; but sub-luck talisman to buy the magic of ancient fate rune. Purchase or consistent with the previous week you through the task in the camp where the the bimonthly temple or Seven Star Hall of the 90 the secondary good luck talisman replaced by three runes of magic ancient fate. The magic of ancient fate runes make additional dice to get a copy of the team for the 5.2 patch and world boss. Elderly people good luck talisman you can continue to get additional dice 5.0 Raid and world boss, patch 5.2 Raytheon island outdoor enemy of luck talisman for the elderly will also drop.

All Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points, part of the honor points over 4000 points, will be converted into money equivalent to 35 silver per point ratio. 5.2 patch we will launch a new set of PvP gear, players can spend Honor Points to purchase. The new equipment is designed to help new players to return to the player and the trumpet narrow the gap in the equipment; these players can have the opportunity to catch up in the mid-season or piece of information. Details can refer Bowen – 5.2 and subsequent versions of PvP gear we released a few weeks ago. 

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