Playing A Warrior In WoW

Playing a Warrior in WoW can be both fun and rewarding. After all playing an insane death bealing berserker and smashing through enemies can be insanely fun. In DPS spec a Warrior is a force to be reconned with. While in tanking spec a Warrior is extremely rewarding to Warrior in WoW since you will always be able to find a group to adventure with, and can start to learn the skills to lead a group. No matter your play style there are several key things or how much WoW gold that you wil need to know how to eitehr survive or cause damage.

While in combat as a DPS warrior you have several different rotations that you can use.The first choice comes based on your talent build, as Fury and Arms lead to some different attack possibilities.Next,the rotation you use will depend on the situation, is it a single target or a group of targets.Let’s start by looking at a Fury warrior’s single target rotation.It will be something like Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Slam, and then Heroic Strike. Once the target is below 20% health you can replace slam with Execute for even more damage.

Arms has a much more complicated and busy rotation with more abilities to use. However the attacks are more of a priority list than an exact sequence. If an earlier one in the list is off cooldown then it should be used first.The rotation is to start with Rend and refresh it whenever nessessary. Once it is up use Mortal Strike and Slam as part of your regular rotation. Also use Execute, Overpower,and Bladestorm whenever they are either available of off cooldown.When you are fighting large groups of enemies you can use Whirlwind,Sweeping Strikes,Cleave,and Bladestorm.Remeber to be careful in a group though as you will be hitting and causing threat against multiple enemies not just the tank’s main target.When you are looking for a site which have a WoW gold online for sale,our site is the best one.

As a tank  of Warrior in WoW you are able to take quite a beating. With all that heavy plate armour, a shield, and your various skills and abilities you can last a while against anything. Eventhough you can last though, your party members can’t.If they draw aggro from you they will  be killed in just a few hits. That makes your tanking rotation extremely important.You want to be able to generate as much threat as you possibly can as quickly as you can.Against a single target the best threat rotation you can use is Shield Slam, Revenege, Concusion Blow, Shockwave, Devestate, while using Heroic Strike whenever it becomes active.If you want to buy cheap WoW gold,we supply it to you.Don’t forget that you also need to keep Sunder Armor stacked on the target.

When playing Warrior in WoW solo, you really only have 2 options. Both involve playing the game as DPS, so they are either going fury or arms. Both are viable for leveling in WoW as you cause a significant amount of damage. While you could level as Protection to help learn the abilities and be ready to tank once you start visiting instances, the damage you can cause is severly limited and leveling of WoW will take much longer. 

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