Mu Legend Another Class Trailer Has Been Launched

Mu Legend

Mu Legend is developed and published by Webzen. At the same time, Mu Legend is the official follow-up of one of the first MMORPGs called Mu Online. The game is free to play, action packed in isometric view with open world, but also with lots of dungeons. Now, why not to buy cheap Mu Legend Zen?

Mu Legend

Mu Legend is a mix between MMORPG and ARPG in that you see other players out in the world, there’s a main city everyone gathers at, group content is available and the questing areas are more on the large side in comparison to other ARPGs, Mu Legend will be free to play upon release and also features dungeons of multiple difficulty for either group or solo game play as well as the choice between one of 5 gender locked classes with limited character customisation.

Thanks to Webzen Games, the highly anticipated Mu Legend another class trailer has been released, the video is mainly introduced class: Whisperer. Furthermore, the video also highlights the abilities of class with a bow as well as arrow. Anyway, it’s really cool looking set of wings. The following is full video and enjoy it!

Based on what you’ve seen in this video, what are you thoughts on Mu Legend so far? If you expect to see more intriguing video or graphics, stay tuned U4GM or head over to here.

Choose Your Class Before Venturing Into The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind


Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character? Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO.


Before venturing into Morrowind, the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, the player has to face a fundamental decision Who will he choose as his character?

It is best to think carefully before answering. Aspects such as race or class can greatly affect the experience, even the availability of skill trees and some elements of history. Fortunately, dedicating time to create a character is one of the great pleasures of role-playing, and so happens in TESO. If the player already knows about a previous delivery of The Elder Scrolls, especially The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the process will be familiar. First you will have to select the race and the sex, then you will choose the class and, finally, customize the appearance. However, there are some differences that veteran fans of Skyrim and the original Morrowind should know.

Races – In The Elder Scrolls Online, each of the nine major races is linked to one of the three alliances. The Bretons, Orcs and Red Guards form the Daggerfall Covenant; The High Elves, the Forest Elves and the Khajiites are members of the Aldmeri Dominion; And the Argonians, the Dark Elves and the Norse belong to the Ebonheart Pact (Ebonheart Pact).


When Morrowind starts with any race, the player will find himself on a ship heading for the volcanic island of Vvardenfell. If you want to explore all Tamriel from the beginning, so if you prefer to ignore the introductory zones and start your adventure elsewhere, you can do so. If this is the first time you play The Elder Scrolls Online, the Morrowind tutorial is part of the story and it is a great starting point. Fans of The Elder Scrolls will also know that each race has a number of skills and bonuses. For example, Khajiites are very agile and high elves are very fond of magic. Let’s make it clear that all races can belong to any class, but there are races that are slightly better in some classes.

The Classes – After choosing the race of your character the player will have to decide on which discipline he will specialize. In Morrowind there are five options: Dragonknight, which mixes offensive magic with melee combat; Sorcerer, who uses canes along with powerful magic and invocations; Nightblade, specialized in stealth and assassinations; Templar, combining hand-to-hand combat and healing magic; And the new Warden class, exclusive to those who acquire Morrowind, who invokes magical animals, has natural healing abilities, can destroy the enemy with frost spells and excels in close-range combat.

Each of these classes has three unique skills trees, but it is very important to remember that there are another twenty-eight skill trees available for all characters, regardless of their class. The player decides how to develop the character, from the specialty of the weapon to the manufacture of objects, regardless of the decisions taken when creating it. This has always been one of the main features of all The Elder Scrolls games.


Appearance – Like all The Elder Scrolls games, TESO offers an impressive array of options to customize the look of the characters. First, a triangle with sliding vertices allows defining the basic complexion of the character (fat, thin or muscular). You can then choose other characteristics of your appearance such as height, skin color or size of the feet.

Then comes the time to customize the face of the avatar. With the slider you can select the basic features and modify the different appearances (soft, angular and heroic) and then choose the hairstyle, age, eye color and other elements. The range of options is vast.

Constantly Improve – Once the character’s creation is completed, the player can begin to explore Morrowind and the rest of the wide world of Tamriel. Decisions about the character have only begun. Virtually everything that is done in TESO serves to shape and develop the character, from cooking to stealing or making potions, everything develops an own tree of skills. The most important thing is to create a character with which the player enjoys. Fortunately, discovering what that means is also an adventure.

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Find Eight New Mounts In Albion Online


A good news for new arrivals in the land of Albion! As we know, riding a mount is a great way to travel through the world of Albion. Since Albion Online launched Hector on June 7th, 8 new mounts has been introduced in the game.

The official site revealed a post to teach players how to get these new mounts. Here are some deatils:

Tutorial Mount – Everyone learning the new tutorial can get a mule whatever you character is.

Tier 2 Mule


The simple Tier 2 mount is a mule, can be obtained in the starter towns after you finish the tutorial quests. “The Mule gives everybody a leg up when it comes to movement, but falls a bit behind the Legendary Explorer’s Horse both in speed and carrying capacity.”

The starter towns includes Forest Cross, Highland Cross, Mountain Cross, Steppe Cross, and Swamp Cross.

Mount Hitpoints: 238
Move Speed Bonus: +30%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Maximum Load: +60kg

Special Mounts – These mounts are found as rare drops in the open world.

Tier 4 Giant Stag

Giant Stag

This kind of mount, as alternative to the regular horse, is better for solo-gatherers and couriers. You may have the chance to get a Fawn by killing Giant Stag mobs. Then grow it into a Tame4 Giant Stag in a Pasture. Finally, combine it with 20 Tier 4 Worked Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Giant Stag mobs can be found in the Steppes. Relatively speaking, it has fewer hitpoints and a larger load capacity.

Mount Hitpoints: 601
Move Speed Bonus: +50%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +95%
Maximum Load: +465kg

Tier 8 Transport Mammoth

Transport Mammoth

The Transport Mammoth mount is the ultimate transport mount for guild operations. Due to its big health pool and defensive bonuses, you may find the group of Transport Mammoth gathering in dangerous areas as they are able to withstand a decent amount of damage.

“Ancient Mammoths mobs have a small chance of dropping a Mammoth Calf. Place this Calf in a Kennel, grow it into a Tame Mammoth, and then combine it with 20 Tier 8 Fortified Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.”

Although the Transport Mammoth’s speed is a shortage, it has enormous carrying capacity to make up for the lacking.

Mount Hitpoints: 3,797
Armor: +415
Magical Resistance: +415
CC Resistance: +394
Maximum Load: +45,041kg

Faction Mounts – These mounts are faction-specific, and can only be obtained by slaying the faction’s bosses in the open world. The elite Tier 8 faction mounts also each boast their own skill!

Tier 5 Bonehorse


Wondering why the Bonehorse can be included here since it’s not a brand-new mount? Because the upgraded Bonehorse has more hitpoints, speed and maximum load now. The Bonehorse can be crafted with the combination of a Tier 5 Riding Horse and Necromantic Elixir, which is a rare drop from Undead bosses.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Maximum Load: +314kg

Tier 8 Spectral Bonehorse

Spectral Bonehorse

“The spirit of an ancient knight’s steed has animated the cooling corpse of a sacrificial horse. Loyal and obedient, its appearance nevertheless strikes fear into its foes.” Combining a Tier 5 Bonehorse with a Spectral Mask (which is a rare drop from Undead raid boss, the Harvester), you can craft a Spectral Bonehorse.

The Spectral Bonehorse mount has a potential skill, Glimpse of the Other Side.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Maximum Load: +543kg

Tier 5 Swiftclaw


You may find Swiftclaw mounts wondering with Keeper scouts in the wild. It’s still a fast mount though it sacrificing some speed for survivability. To craft a Swiftclaw mount, follow Keeper bosses because they have a rare chance to drop a Swiftclaw Cub. Grow it into a Tame Swiftclaw then combine it with 20 Tier 5 Cured Leather at your local Saddler to craft the mount.

Mount Hitpoints: 676
Move Speed Bonus: +70%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +120%

Tier 8 Rageclaw


The Rageclaw is best choice for berserker cavalry since they tolerate the fury of battle from birth. You can raise from the most aggressive Swiftclaw cubs. Combined by a Tier 5 Swiftclaw with Sacred Bone Marrow, Rageclaws are the fastest mounts. It should be noted that Sacred Bone Marrow is a rare drop from Keeper’s raid boss, the Earthmother.

The Rageclaw also has its own skill to instant speed boost in a short time, Predator Sprint.

Mount Hitpoints: 805
Move Speed Bonus: +85%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +135%

Tier 5 Warhorse


The Warhorse’s armor is too heavy to carry additional aggression, but the mount can participate in battles recklessly. The Warhorse’s crafting is releated with the Disciples of Morgana as you can get a rare drop from Morgana bosses – Warhorse Saddle. This special drop can be combined with a Tier 5 Armored Horse to craft a Warhorse mount.

Comparing with a regular Riding Horse and Armored Horse, Warhorse has better speed.

Mount Hitpoints: 845
Move Speed Bonus: +60%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +100%
Armor: +104
Magical Resistance: +104
CC Resistance: +88

Tier 8 Nightmare


Although the Nightmare doesn’t have load capacity bonus, the mount have best speed and survival like the Warhorse. A Nightmare can be crafted by the combination of a Warhorse and Infernal Horseshoes. The latter is a rare drop of killing Morgana raid boss, the Demon Prince.

The Nightmare mount has a characteristic skill that leaving behind a trail of flames, which ignites enemies and causes them to run around in fear, Flaming Trail.

Mount Hitpoints: 1,006
Move Speed Bonus: +75%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +115%
Armor: +114
Magical Resistance: +114
CC Resistance: +115

Here are just some of the tips and guides we have. Feel free to play around to find the ones that suit you best. For more Albion Online news and guides, keep it right here on UpAlbion.

Many Of The Unique Features Of Mu Legend

Mu Legend

Mu Legend was decided to be hack-and-slash MMORPG with the previous quarter view. According to the developer, they thought having a quarter-view will allow users to feel the joy of mass battle using simple mouse and keyboard control. The team talked about Mu Legend’s four classes, another is now in preparation. Any classes details information can be found more here.

Mu Legend

Gamers can use this time to explore many of the unique features of Mu Legend, including the three different levelling systems. Mu Legend incorporates three separate levelling systems that enhance play in different ways. Do you want to know what is three different levelling systems? Entirely latest news update At U4GM and cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale, welcome to visit it.

Actually, Mu Legend has a theatrical 3D panoramic screen installed for the gamers to enjoy Webzen’s G-star exclusive game trailer. There will be multiple events and giveaways, giving out high end graphic cards and other quality Mu Legend gifts. In the play test area for Mu Legend, gamers will be able to experience the game themselves. Are you ready now?

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Mu Legend Is Suppose To Cater Graphically For People

Mu Legend

Mu Legend is suppose to cater graphically for people, it’s worth delighting that the graphics of Mu Legend is pretty perfect. Mu Legend is the continuation of the popular in the early 2000’s 3D MMORPG, Mu Online. In Mu Legend, you can learn about how the Great Sage Ikarus failed to prevent the resurrection of Kundun and therefore sent the heroes back to the past.

Mu Legend

In addition, in Mu Legend, there is a guild system called Knightage. Over guild wars, the developers are still conjuring, trying to find the best option, which will not force players to participate in mass PvP. The main tasks for the current moment are to determine the amount of PvP itself and the optimal number of participants in it. The guild system and guild PvP is positioned as a high-level PvP content.

Recently, Mu Legend is increasingly in the focus of the game press, with clearly defined information about the game is nowhere. The game is developed on Unreal Engine 3. According to Webzen, this stable and proven engine is well suited for demonstrating large-scale battles on not too powerful PC configurations.

In all honesty, Mu Legend and original Mu Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. So attractive gameplay, gamers have option of buying Mu Legend Zen at U4GM.

Mu Legend Five Classes And Description

Mu Legend

In truth, Mu Legend still brings a slight surprise for the fans, Mu Legend also shows a pretty tight bond with his predecessor, reflected in the similarity of the character classes, and in particular the exploit. What’s more, Webzen has also brought new innovations and improvements to its products, aiming to help Mu Legend not be too dependent on the successful shadow of Mu Online. More Mu Legend News and source from here.

Mu Legend

Presented as the prequel to the MMORPG Mu Online, Mu Legend takes the form of a hack and slash MMO, confronting the player with cohorts of monsters both as part of missions and dungeons of varying levels of difficulty. It’s not a bad teaser if you’re looking for another hack and slash Diablo-like experience, but Webzen could probably tone down the visual effects a bit, as all the colors jumping around can make it more confusing than it should be.

Currently there are five classes in Mu Legend, each class has two different types of sub classes depending on the weapon equipped.

Classes And Description

Whisperer – Archer class
Dark Lord – Tank like class
War Mage – Range mage class
Blader – Strength is main damage
Spellbinder – This class is not playable yet, more likely to be another mage type.

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E3 2017: The Elder Scrolls Online Tease Its Next Two DLCs

Bethesda took advantage of the conference he held, during E3 2017, to teaser the next two extensions of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

The first extension announced is Horns of the Reach. It will be released later in the year and will bring two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. New objects, characters and places are obviously to be expected. At the same time will come a free update that will add a new map and new ruleset for PvP battlegrounds, as well as new furnituring, homes and items. The content will be available to all players, excluding battleground mode and new map changes.

The second extension announced is Clockwork City, promises 10 hours of play at least and invites the player to discover the Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City. No official date has been released yet, except that it will be released later in 2017 and after Horns of the Reach.

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Mu Legend Is Supposed To Be Fun And Refreshing Gameplay


Mu Legend cater to different gamers’ needs and expectations, hence, whether you are adult or children, both should try playing Mu Legend, in the meanwhile, you should try finding buy Mu Legend Zen that requires you to solve complex problems or develop new skills. Followed by, source from U4GM, you will find information you need below.


Mu Legend is supposed to be fun and refreshing, not a health hazard. Regarding further news of the game process, you need to keep an eye on official website U4GM. As we know already, Mu Legend have four playable character classes, Dark Lord, Blader, Whisperer and War Mage. Although there are very few classes to choose from, each class can equip different types of weapons to perform differently in game which makes them very versatile.

The Dark Lord may appear as a tanker role but it can also take on as a support role and even as a crowd control role due to its massive AOE skills. Moving on, the Blader is a DPS class with disable skills such as stun, knockback. Whisperer is somehow similar to the archer class in Mu Online, having the highest range and fulfilling as a DPS role. War Mage is a combination of mage and assassin class.

Equipping a staff will allow players to unleash long range spells to damage enemies while equipping dagger or one-handed sword allow players to deal close range attacks to enemies. U4GM can offer you lots of valuable time and money to save when you buy Mu Legend Zen.

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The Black Market Allows Players To Craft Items In Albion Online

With the addition of the Black Market in Albion Onlilne is added the dropping of items created by players when performing PvE.

What is the Black Market?

The Black Market is the answer of Sandbox Interactive to be able to obtain items dropped by the mob but manufactured by the players.

A new NPC located in Caerleon, the center city of the Royal Continent and the only city connected to the Outlands will give us the option to sell you items and distribute them to various mobs, factions and chests of Albion. They, in turn, drop the items to the players of the world.

How Does The Black Market Buy The Items?

It is very important to know that the Black Market is not the typical merchant, since it does not have certain prices or infinite demand.

As long as a mob is killed, there is a possibility that an order will be generated on the Black Market. Once a certain number of active orders exist for an item, the Black Market will begin to increase the price of the item. This means that everything on the Black Market is directly connected with the actions of players in the open world.

If you dedicate to making equipment, you have the option to sell it directly to the Black Market, or alternatively create your own sales order. Once this is done, the Black Market will automatically buy the item when the price is the same as that of your sales order.

Where does the Black Market get the money to buy the items? The system is balancing in such a way that the orders that are generated always correspond to the percentage of silver left by the mobs. This ensures that the silver in the game remains stable. For example: If a mob normally drops 100 silver, we take 20% of the silver left to create an order in the Black Market, and the mobs will automatically leave 80 silver.

This means that, in effect, the Black Market is interacting with the players in the same way as the Markets managed by players.

How Do The Items Works?

When a mob is eliminated by a player and is supposed to drop an item, it will be searched in the Black Market deposit. If the item is not in the warehouse, a purchase order will be created on the Black Market. If the item is in the tank, the mob will leave an item.

An item can only fall if it is for sale in the Black Market. Once the item falls, the amount of its value is reduced by one.

The Black Market As An Item Sink

In Albion Online, gear does not last forever, and is lost quite often when performing PvP. In order to create a real treasure trove of low-level items, the Black Market NPC is quite corrupt. Being a dishonest guy, he tends to lose the items after having bought them from the players. It is especially corrupt when it comes to tier level items, keeping a percentage of it to itself and removing them from the game.

This basically cleans low-tier items from the game and allows for a constant demand for items.

Other Benefits Of The Black Market

One of the most important things that the Black Market brings to Albion Online is the power to increase the drop of objects in general. Previously, the fall of objects was very rare or nonexistent, since it was not wanted to interfere in the economy managed by the players. With the Black Market you can get a good amount of objects making PvE, without messing up the experience to the players who want to be craftsmen.

Secondly, the arrival of the Black Market means that the need for Refined Essences can be eliminated. Essences were originally introduced as a way to connect PvE activities and manufacturing, and it was an artificial remedy. As the Black Market now connects the PvE and the manufacture, surely the Essences of the refining will be removed for the current use. Essences will not be removed from the game, as they can be used to create Runes, but they will be given another purpose in the future.

Refined objects that drop the mobs and coffers are eliminated. Instead they will be replaced with the items created by the players.

What You Will Get in This Summer From Madden NFL 18

With the released date of Madden NFL 18 is approaching, have you prepared bread and burger on the grill and enjoy Madden NFL 18 in this summer? Through the efforts of EA Developers, Madden is in a step by step improvement, I heard that they added a new gameplay in Madden 18, it sounds very attractive, then let us according to recent days of Madden NFL 18 news, to sum up about upcoming Madden 18.



Madden 18 has shown great hope and is potentially moving from good to bad. I still think that we have not been the football fans hope and dream of everything for the next few years, but as long as the game is moving in the right direction, we can begin to feel where it is. The story pattern will be part of our annual excitement, or it can simply be “remember when Madden tried this” joke. In any case, I can not wait to know. In the next few weeks, we will get more official news on Madden 18, hoping that the game will be one of the better iterations over the past decade.

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